What are dietary supplements?

Dietary supplements are products for modern people who are interested in health, fitness and a good diet. They contain natural ingredients in a form which is easy to ingest and absorb, with no chemical additives. They are made using the best and purest raw materials, carefully selected by experts. The aim of dietary supplements is to offer the body any dietary elements it may be lacking so that we can remain in good physical and mental shape.


There is no doubt that today our nutrition is much richer than it was in the past. On the other hand, the abundance of processed foods and the lack of basic nutritional knowledge mean that many of us now have an unbalanced diet.

We often consume products with high calorific value but low content in proteins, vitamins and minerals.

And this is why dietary supplements are necessary.

They help balance the deficiencies in our diet and allow us to enjoy sporting achievements, health and longevity. Therefore, the ideal solution is to combine a healthy and balanced diet with suitable and carefully selected dietary supplements. This will improve your body’s strength, while reducing fatigue and injuries.

Precautions when using dietary supplements

Dietary supplements must not be used during pregnancy and lactation, without consulting a physician.

Furthermore, patients receiving medication and children must always consult a physician.

Health problems may be caused by uncontrolled use of dietary supplements and if the daily dosage is exceeded.

Categories of dietary supplements

Dietary supplements are categorised according to their ingredients. In particular, dietary supplements are divided into the following categories:

(a) Multivitamin dietary supplements (vitamins, minerals, trace elements)

(b) Weight-loss dietary supplements

(c) Dietary supplements to combat hair-loss

(d) Omega-3 (Ω3) fatty acids

(e) Special dietary supplements for specific nutritional deficiencies,

    with one or more nutrients.