Our philosophy

Our philosophy

Our principles


Our culture

For Bennett, healthcare is a mission we serve both through our products and our activities.

We offer healthcare professionals and patients well-established treatment options and products manufactured under strict quality control procedures established by national and international certification bodies.

The high quality of our human capital, our processes and our products is the common denominator in all our activities.

Dozens of Greek scientists work with Bennett every day. They research and they innovate. They create added value and a feeling of trust among each and every healthcare professional and each and every patient.

Mission Statement

As a dynamically growing pharmaceutical industry in Greece, Bennett seeks to become a valuable, strong ally of every healthcare professional and patient.

Our constant aim is to strengthen our corporate presence in all treatment areas.

At the same time, Bennett is expanding its activities in international markets. Through its targeted strategic activities in Europe and the Middle East, our company has become one of the most outward-looking pharmaceutical companies in Greece. We believe that penetrating international markets is the core of Bennett’s growth strategy and financial strength. Our international activities include collaborations with multinational companies to represent or co-promote proprietary medicinal products, both in Greece and abroad.

Furthermore, Bennett strategically invests in the continuous development and progress of its human capital. We constantly invest in human capital, and we strive daily to strengthen this key factor which turns business ideas into concrete reality. We invest in our human capital with one goal:

Better health
for more people.