Pharmacovigilance, is the discipline and activities involved in detecting, assessing, understanding and preventing adverse events and other drug-related issues.

The main purpose of Pharmacovigilance is to ensure and promote Public Health through the continuous monitoring of safety data on pharmaceutical products placed on the market, in order to guarantee patients’ right of access to safe and effective medicinal products.

At the same time, Pharmacovigilance increases our knowledge on the adverse events from medicinal products and allows the necessary measures to be taken to ensure the proper and safe use of these products. It constantly monitors the risk-benefit ratio of pharmaceutical products, ensuring that scales are always tipped in favour of benefit.

Healthcare professionals and consumers may report any adverse events directly to the National Organisation for Medicines (284, Mesogion Ave., GR 15562, Cholargos, Tel: +30 213 2040380/337, Fax: +30 210 6549585,

With regard to reports on adverse events after using Bennett products, you may contact the pharmacovigilance department by calling +30 6951942876.