Our people

Our People

It is obvious that a company is, mainly, a group of people. Its course is as good as how uniformed and synchronized is this team. No matter the amount of capitals existing, the human factor is the one who can either pollinate or sterilize it. In Bennett we are fully aware of this fact. Consequently, we invest in the human factor in any ways.

We are a people-centered company. We strongly believe in having motivation rather than having obligation. We cultivate self-esteem, not control systems. We set clear, measurable and feasible goals and objectives while we are connecting them with a fair and proportionate reward system.

We enhance initiative taking, creativity, imagination, innovation. We offer vision to our employees, not only for their corporate and business course, but for their individual progress as well.

We care about creating a friendly and pleasant workplace environment while leaving room for leisure and a stable personal life. We strongly disagree with the general rationality that considers employees as being consumable. We stress out our wish that our employees associate their personal development with the company, feel privileged to work with us and have always the motivation to go forward. Since they are employed by a company that stresses out the need for constant education, we offer the chance for further training education.

Last, what we consider as essential are: common philosophy, common ethical codes, and common behavioral codes. People who do not embrace all the above, even if they are capable and successful, they do not belong in Bennett’s human resources.

Our goal is to make the difference – not only through our products, but further in our image as a company and the values that we stand for. No matter of each one’s position, this is the daily effort of Bennett’s people.