Message from the Chairman

Message from the Chairman

We must keep the healthcare sector healthy!

Healthcare is the most sensitive sector in the market.

Not only because it protects the most precious gift that we have, but also because our stance towards healthcare reflects our culture and ethics. The institutions, professionals and processes involved in the field of healthcare must perceive their role in a ‘healthy’ way.

And this includes everyone: public institutions, physicians, professionals and companies.

This stance was expressed and put into practice by Bennett from the day it was founded.

We invested in a dynamic exporting sector which has a great deal to offer both to individuals and to the national economy.

We invested in innovation and collectiveness. But, above all, we invested in values.

Responsibility, integrity, continuous improvement and respect for our customers and partners are some of our core values. We try to make them part of everything we do.

Nikos Boufidis,

MBA, MCIM, Chairman and Managing Director